Post-Stampede Grooming

If you were out and about this weekend in Calgary, you may have noticed that the city is quieter than ever.  Perhaps it’s in juxtaposition to the hubbub that was going on because of Stampede and other local events, as well as the amazing weather that seems to have gone on a vacation of its own.

If you’re touching your skin and it seems dryer, rougher and in need of some TLC, then you need to head over to Skoah for a facial.  Their Stampede facial is back, and it’s just what you need for smoother softer skin, plus it includes a foot and calf massage that will have you leaving there with a spring in your step.

The facial’s only available until July 31st, so call and book yours today.

skoah stampede facial


And stay tuned: Skoah’s also opening in Westhills later this summer, so we’ll keep you posted on that!

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