Powder Sunscreen Review

So many people ask me if Powder Sunscreens work and the research says that they do. They’re great for applying on top of makeup because they up the sunscreen protection factor without disturbing your foundation.

I got my hands on Laboratoire Dr. Renaud Loose Powder SPF 50 in the dark colour and I’ve had it with the sunscreen lineup on my dresser so that I can try it when I’m getting ready to go outside.  And you know what?  This is the sunscreen that I reach for the least.  Not because it doesn’t work.  Not because I don’t like it.  It’s because I can’t be sure of the coverage that I’m getting when I apply this. It goes on totally sheer and weightless and it’s unlike anything that I’ve used before.

When I apply a cream, you know exactly where you’re putting it – not that I don’t still miss spots – but I just feel more secure when I use a cream sunscreen.

That being said, I’ve applied this Dr. Renaud Loose Powder sunscreen on a bare face, and totally forgot that I had it on because I couldn’t see it on my skin.  When I went to wipe my face later in the day, I was surprised at the brown powder on my tissue because I could have sworn I didn’t put makeup on that day.  But it was this sunscreen, so I did get adequate coverage.

I’m going to be using this all summer – it’s getting the stamp of approval even though I didn’t use it that much so far.

It comes in 2 colours: light and dark.  You can get it online for $57.96.

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