Preview of the Lancome Holiday Collection

Remember the Lancome Mystery Collection? How does a brand follow something so beautiful? With baubles of course. Here’s your preview of the Lancome Holiday Collection – Precious Light – which is scheduled to be released in a few short weeks.

The ring below has a Swarovski Crystal on it and is filled with lipgloss.

The line also includes two brightly coloured lipsticks – Hot Stuff Red and Rock Icon Fushia. I, of course, encourage you to try the bright lipsticks because you might be surprised at how wearable they are. Make sure, though, that you’re not wearing a lot of other makeup when you try them on. One of my friends (hi Gail!) always wears red lipstick and it looks great on her, but I’ve seen women with her colouring not even want to try the colours. Don’t be scared, just try it on.

Finally, the collection will include sparkly eye crayons and a Fatale mascara in Silver!

Count on the lipgloss ring selling out quickly so get your presents while you can!

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  1. La Bellissima says:

    Those crayons are beyond gorgeous. I’ll be wearing them past the holiday season, definitely.

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