Product Overload?

I had to resurrect this article from the archives… because we’re still in the trend of product overload and we don’t need to be…

This article has been the talk of the ‘net ever since it was published. Nicky Taylor decided to conduct an experiment wherein she stopped using any products, stopped showering, and stopped brushing her teeth for 40 full days. She also restricted her wardrobe to a basic outfit for everyday, a workout outfit, and a summer dress for nights out.

Why? Because She was sick of it all. Sick of all the products, of the whole “routine”, sick of being high-maintenance.

What followed was her initial irritation with her self, followed by a lack of self-esteem when going out in public, and jealousy when ever she heard the shower being used in her house. Of course, plaque built up on her teeth and her hair just became greasier and greasier. She didn’t smell bad but described herself as looking scruffy.

It seems that people generally didn’t notice that there was anything changed in her appearance – most probably they all just assumed that she was having an off day, a rough week, a hectic month. But when she told her friends that she had stopped showering, they wrinkled her nose at her and moved further away.

The other change that Nicky saw was that her complexion was glowing and her skin did better than ever.

Still, she hated going out in public to the point that she avoided doing so as much as possible. Her self-esteem was at an all-time low and she was glad when her 40 days were finished.

She said that she would never do the experiment again, but pared down the products that were on her “need” list to moisturizer, soap, and shampoo.

Interesting concept and a likely antidote to the product overload that plagues us all from time to time. Sometimes we all need a break but taking it to the extreme like Nicky did may not be the answer. It might be a better idea to employ such an experiment when one is on vacation or is going through a time when social activities are limited to trips to the grocery store. Moral of the story: simplicity is best.

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