Product Review: SwissTEC Clarifying Elixer

SwissTEC is a brand of products that is sold only at medical aesthetic spas across Canada.  It’s a high end line of products  but they are formulated to work and are still cheaper than some department store brands. The products are meant to help you heal and recover from cosmetic procedures while actually making your skin look better.

The website says:

SwissTEC™ is exclusive for its superior, highly effective ingredient complexes which bring you  the most advanced treatment skincare results. SwissTEC™ is developed and manufactured in Switzerland in compliance with the most arduous laboratory standards. Its progressive formulations are comprised of luxurious, high quality ingredients native to the most exclusive Swiss skincare laboratory located in the mountainous, secluded Swiss Riviera. For more than half a century, this worldclass laboratory and its team of dermatologists have been known for their innovative research and development efforts while having pioneered the science of anti-aging, product innovation and cellular therapy in the realm of skincare. SwissTEC™ offers the benefits of these advancements in one effective treatment skincare solutions line.

The Clarifying Elixer that I tried retails for $79.

The claims are that “This effective formulation purifies the skin’s surface from pore clogging, acne-causing particles while gently moisturizing acne prone skin.”

I like that they’re not offering you the moon and yet the product is made to target a skin problem.

This serum has Salicylic Acid as well as Glycolic Acid in it and that means that there are two levels of exfoliation going on.  The Salicylic acid is going to get inside the pores while the glycolic acid is going to take off the top layer of skin.

The serum is light and absorbs into skin really quickly.  It’s not at all sticky or overly moisturizing and is easy to incorporate into your night time routine.  The 2 acids really do work and this left my skin super smooth without any breakouts.

The one problem I do have with it is that it smells absolutely vile.  Think of a plastics factory and you know what this smells like and it’s not pretty.  It’s a small price to pay for good skin, but on the other hand, there are tons of serums out there that don’t smell bad so why not use them?

If you don’t mind the smell or the price of this product, then I would say that it’s a must-have.  I myself could not stand the smell and didn’t look forward to using the serum.

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2 Responses to Product Review: SwissTEC Clarifying Elixer

  1. Barb says:

    Hi Henna
    Which product do you recommend that has similar ingredients?

  2. Henna says:

    Anything with glycolic acid would work. Neostrata is comparable for the price.

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