Ralph Lauren Romance Always Yours is a New Classic

Love it when a new fragrance actually references an original. Romance Always Yours by Ralph Lauren does exactly that and smells amazing. While the original Romance was light and slightly fruity, 10 years later, Truly Yours is more mature because it starts with fruity notes and adds a musky base which you can smell all the way throughout the fragrance.

This fragrance came out in 2009 and I still like it because it smells nostalgic to me.

You can find many iterations of the Ralph Lauren Romance perfume online.

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4 Responses to Ralph Lauren Romance Always Yours is a New Classic

  1. MizzJ says:

    Love the design of this bottle: clean, elegant, strong, all great elements to reflect the notes of this scent.

  2. janice says:

    Romance has always been a very strong brand in the US and it was never the case in Canada. I hope for them it will help them revive the Romance myth….Bring back Thierry Pepin for the ads!

  3. Marilyn Lewis says:

    This is one of the nicest perfumes i’ve smelled in the stores

  4. Suzie Wong says:

    This is the perfume to bring Romance into my life!

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