Recipe to Riches Butter Chicken Lasagne Review

Totally a non-sequitor, but have you guys tried any of the @recipetoriches dishes out now?

Last weekend at the grocery store, I totally had a moment of weakness and stocked up on all the Recipe to Riches dishes I saw available.  I got the Golden Toffee Nut Gems, the Dulce de Leche Brownies, and best of all: Butter Chicken Lasagne.

I’ve only tried the Toffee Nut Gems and the Lasagne thus far, and obviously they’re both pretty terrible!

Most disappointing is the Butter Chicken Lasagne.  You could see what the inspiration behind it was, but unfortunately, the recipe’s been butchered and what’s left is basically butter chicken over some lasagne noodles.  The noodles are stacked and contain within them a gross white sauce with a couple of pieces of green pepper and mushrooms.  What’s supposed to be there is ricotta cheese and veggies, but of course, those probably didn’t make the cut.

What’s spot on is the butter chicken flavour – it’s pretty authentic, and I also like that there are decent pieces of chicken in this dish.  But all said and done, it really just left me craving a bowl of butter chicken with some nice fresh naan on the side.

And the toffee?  Not bad for a candy, but I rarely eat candy anyway, so this wouldn’t leave me craving for more.  I am looking forward to trying those brownies!  I absolutely love chocolate, and adore Dulce de Leche (especially after a trip to South America) so the brownies seem like they’d totally be my thing.

Remind me again what the point of Recipe to Riches is?  The dishes that come out seem so far removed from what we see on television, and as far as I’m aware, none of the contenders has made any riches.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy watching the show when I had television, and I’ll probably continue to try the “recipes” when I see them in the grocery store.

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