Replica Beach Walk Perfume Review

I am wearing Replica Beach Walk perfume today and I can’t get enough of it so I had to share!

Beach Walk is what you want the beach to smell like, instead of smelling just like suntan lotion.  There is just a hint of coconut in this fragrance and it’s not sweet either.  It just smells salty, fresh, and summery and it’s exactly how I want to smell all winter long because I want to remember the beach.

With notes of Bergamot and Heliotrope, this scent is modern yet nostalgic too. It evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and if you’ve spent any time at the beach growing up, you need to go smell this.  It smells almost sweaty but not hot.  So good.

This is the first Replica fragrance that I’ve smelled, and I’m going back for more.

$159 for 100mL.

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2 Responses to Replica Beach Walk Perfume Review

  1. Stephanie Haly says:

    I actually really love the scent of suntan lotion! This seems like something that would appeal to me. Thanks for the review.

  2. Henna says:

    It’s so good!

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