Reversa Resurfacing Smoothing Cream

I’ve been on and off the retinol bandwagon, and either I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just not noticing a difference anymore, or I need something a bit stronger.  

So I pulled out my Reversa Resurfacing Smoothing Cream because it has 10% glycolic acid in it and glycolic acid has always been a hero ingredient for my skin. It just leaves my skin smooth and poreless, so I knew that it was going to make a difference this time too.

What’s different about this smoothing cream is that it has a bit of dimethicone in it so it gives your skin an ultra-smooth appearance which is great under makeup.  Over the course of your day (or night), you’ll still be getting the gentle exfoliation that glycolic acid provides, but the texture of your skin will look immediately better.

It was great when I first used it, and now it’s actually my favourite thing to put on before my makeup or sunscreen.  If I’m going out at night, I like to wash my face, apply this, and then apply any makeup on top and I’m finding that the result is way better skin over the long run.  

Also – the airless pump that this comes in gets bonus points.  You know that every last drop of your cream is going to be effective which matters.

I haven’t gone back to my retinol yet.  

You can pick this up online or at drugstores for $40.

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