Review: Frederic Fekkai Full Blown Volumizing Hairspray

There used to be a time when I was absolutely obsessed with Fekkai products and I thought they were the best on the market.  I’ve since become a little bit more jaded and though they may have been the best a few years ago, now we have a lot more optiosn when it comes to spending a lot of money on hair care products.

Frederic Fekkai Full Blown Volumizing Hairspray is basically a very strong holding spray, and if you’re trying to back comb or tease your hair, you’ll find that you can work with this hairspray while your hair is wet, but when it’s set, it’s set pretty strong.  This is great if you’ve put a pouf in your hair and you want it to last the night or under hot lights.  Your styling is definitely going to stay.

But in and of itself, the spray can’t add any volume to fine hair, and doesn’t really thicken hair the way that a Living Proof product can.

If you want a volumizing product, this will do the trick.  But for the money, it’s not spectacular, and you could probably pick up any long-wearing strong-hold hairspray at the drugstore.

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