Review: Joico Moisture Recovery Leave-in Moisturizer for dry hair

Joico Moisture Recovery leave-in Moisturizer contains a combination of hydramine sea complex, quadramine complex and jojoba oil.

The first thing I noticed was the scent, which was delicious. Imagine lying on a freshly washed, just out of the dryer, blanket, at the beach on the most perfect, cloudless summer day. That’s what this leave-in moisturizer smells like. Mmmm…

After my hair was blow dried I also noticed that apart from smelling really, really good, it was also incredibly silky, and I had much fewer fly-aways.

While I wouldn’t consider this a conditioner replacement, it does help to add extra moisture back to your hair. With autumn coming up, it’s going to be excellent at banishing the static and fly-aways that come with cooler weather.

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1 Response to Review: Joico Moisture Recovery Leave-in Moisturizer for dry hair

  1. Lisa says:

    It is always good a moisturizer for winter or else suffer the loss of some of your hair. I have had a chance to use Joico before, and I must say I loved it.

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