Revive Your Skin With Reversa

I love products that have glycolic acid in them because they’re gentle enough to use everyday and when used on a regular basis you can really reverse any damage that’s happened to your skin. Where it used to be difficult to find products with glycolic acid in them, now there’s a gamut of new brands that offer solutions for damaged skin.

The problem sometimes is that not all the products are at the right pH to work on your skin, and many times there’s not enough of the active ingredient to undo any real damage. If you’re contemplating what to get in the range of glycolic acid products, I would say to stay away from cleansers that claim to let the acid work while you’re washing your skin. They won’t do the job that a good moisturizer can do and that’s where you should really put your money.

The next time you’re at the drugstore, have a look at Reversa. They’ve got a fantastic range that offers solutions for everyone and the products are affordable for everyone!

I particularly love their Skin Smoothing Body Lotion which has a concentration of 10% glycolic acid. It works so well that I had to get used to the stinging that I felt when I put it on my skin, but after a month of using it, my skin has never been softer and smoother.

You should also check out their Solution for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin which is a great toner that’s easy to incorporate into your existing skincare routine.

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6 Responses to Revive Your Skin With Reversa

  1. emily says:


    Could you post some self-tan lotion review or how to use them? I think many people would love to have the summer tan in Winter.
    And, while using the AHA products on face, can I still use the self-tan on my face?

    Thanks.Love your blog. I read your blog every week. Good stuff!


  2. Kimberly says:

    I find that Reversa is just a more expensive version of NeoStrata, which is a Canadian company that I’d rather support. NeoStrata has a whole range of 10% glycolic products and a wonderful toner, which was introduced to me by my dermatologist. I use their entire line of products (my favourite is the SUPER easy to use peel) and it really helps control my acne. NeoStrata also features different levels of glycolic acid so if your skin is a little sensitive to the higher ones you can always try the lower concentration.

  3. Henna says:

    Hey Kimberly,

    Reversa is also Canadian!

    I love Neostrata’s peel solution too and use it regularly. There is nothing else like it.

    But I also love Reversa’s body cream which I found to be super effective, and for some reason it worked much better for me than Neostrata’s so it certainly doesn’t hurt to try things from different brands.

    Also, I found their prices to be comparable. Neostrata products certainly aren’t cheap and Reversa’s prices are about the same. The body cream retails for $32.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Really? I didn’t realize…I thought Reversa was American. I love the NeoStrata body cream…I apply it while my bathroom is still steaming from the shower and my skin just glows. Last time I compared prices I found Reversa a little more expensive but that may have changed.

    I recommend the peel solution to EVERYONE…so amazing!!

  5. Henna says:

    Hey Emily,

    If you search self-tan on the site, you’ll find reviews to LOTS of self-tan lotions!

    And yes, you can use both products at the same time but keep in mind that the AHA product will possibly take off the tan you get, so use a darker colour than you normally would and perhaps use the AHA at night and use the self-tan with a sunscreen during the day.

  6. Heidi Mannucci says:

    I’ve tried one of the Reversa products and I liked it. Really soft but effective peel.

    However, I recently discovered Shenui ( They allow you to customize your very own peel! You can actually choose from a large variety of ingredients and the peel is then made specifically for you. I’ve tested a peel with AHA fruit acids and passion flower seeds. It was wonderful and it had even a label with my name on it. Amazing.

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