Revlon Lashes – Yes I Need Help Again

If you’ve been following, recently I asked for your help with putting on fake nails. I had tried the Revlon brand, and their instructions just did not help at all. Thanks to a reader comment, it was determined that I was using too much glue, and other than that, yes, that is the way that the nails were supposed to be.

It turns out that fake nails just aren’t my thing.

But I haven’t stopped being adventurous. The next product that I’ve tried has been Revlon False Eyelashes. They look really great but the problem again, is that their instructions just do not cut it. They say to apply the glue on the lashes, wait 20 seconds and then put the lashes on. I tried that, and they just didn’t stick.

So I tried putting on the lashes without waiting for the glue to dry and they moved. So I removed them and then tried reapplying but by now there was such a thick layer of glue on the lashes that they didn’t stay put.

What am I doing wrong?

I know that more of you have probably tried fake lashes than the nails, so please send me your tips! I wanted to wear these to a party last weekend and couldn’t but with summer weddings coming up, I know that these will take my makeup to the next level.

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5 Responses to Revlon Lashes – Yes I Need Help Again

  1. evo says:

    maybe you put too much glue on the lashes?

    head to the states, revlon makes falsies that already has the adhesive on them. it’s perfect for newbies like myself.

  2. Fancy says:

    The only glue I’ve ever had any luck with is Duo brand, so make sure you get some of that first.

    Run the glue along the base of the lashes using an orangewood stick (or something similar) and get it nice and even–you want a good layer, but nothing too blobby. I usually wait at least fifteen seconds–I can tell it’s ready when I poke the glue with the stick again and it “catches.” I also find it helps to put a mirror on the counter and look down into it, instead of trying to stare straight ahead. Don’t be afraid to really push the lashes into place and then hold them there for a couple of seconds, especially at the corners! I used to be all gentle with mine (putting them on with tweezers, etc), and they’d always end up lifting off at the outer edges, so give them some tough love!

    You can also try cutting the lashes down a bit. They’re always way too long for me, and having an overhang at the corners is a recipe for disaster. It’s also a lot easier to work with half or three-quarters width when you’re starting out.

    Lastly, just keep trying. It’s like liquid liner–practice a few times on “no-commitment” days until it gets easier…and it will, promise.

  3. rasilla says:

    Oh first off, clarification.
    The picture that you put up…is your lash box EXACTLY the same? I ask because there are two version, one already with a sticky layer attached to it, and makes application simple (just peel stick and go!), and there is the other one which you have to apply glue on yourself.

    If its the first case, the extra glue might have messed up the original sticky layer.

    If its the second case…I personally found that the glue that comes in the Revlon package (The one without the adhesive strip) was pretty bad. So as the other reader suggested, you will need to buy something else, DUO is a favourite of mine.

    I don’t wait 20 seconds, but that’s because I still somewhat suck at sticking them on my lashes, so I wait perhaps 10 seconds, and then do my best to apply to my lash line so that if I make a mistake, the glue hasn’t set, and I can still shift it slight to the right place. Though if you move it around TOO much, then it becomes a hassle cause it will get on your natural lashes, clump them, and then all hell will break loose…lol

    Good luck~
    If anything try Ardell, they are my favourite by far…though I’ve only really tried like 5 different brands 🙂

  4. Henna says:

    Hey Rasilla,

    Yes, I have the kind that doesn’t have self-adhesive on it so the package came with the (obviously crappy) Revlon glue. I don’t know why I even bother.

    Thank you everyone for your help! As you suggested, I’m going to get another brand of glue and try that!

  5. steph says:

    try buying the ardell starter set it comes with glue and an applicator
    the applicator makes it WAYYY easy to apply them
    you just run a little bit of glue along the edge of the lashes
    put the lashes into the applicator
    and line it up to your eye and hold for like 10 seconds
    you should practice tho cuhz it takes some time to get it right

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