Revlon Makes a Blending Brush

Did you know that Revlon makes brushes?  Well they do, and you can believe that they’re affordable and different than whatever else is out there.

I love their Professional Blending Brush, because it’s just like a Beauty Blender but it’s on a wand which makes it just a bit easier to maneuver.  Just like a Beauty Blender, you wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess water and then dab on your foundation to blend it.  The final effect is one where skin is smooth and covered, instead of being streaky and patchy.  Wetting the brush makes sure that the sponge doesn’t absorb too much foundation.

The effect is one of perfect skin or close too it, and I’m starting to like using a brush where before I used my fingers.  When I looked at my foundation close up, I could always see where I hadn’t blended it well enough, but with the foundation brush, the streakiness is one and my skin looks good up close.

This brush actually comes with a replacement too so that you can take one off and clean it, and use the other one in the meanwhile.  You can see that the brush on my wand is larger than the one that’s not – that’s because the one on the wand was wet, and the other one was dry so it was smaller.



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