Rihanna on April Vogue

Rihanna was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the April issue of Vogue, and believe me, she looks better than ever! I love the dress she’s wearing – probably one of the best Vogue cover dresses I’ve seen in a while. The lace looks sheer, but it probably isn’t and it’s edgy while being feminine and beautiful at the same time.

Inside the mag, Rihanna with burgundy hair and a navy bodysuit caught my eye. I want that body suit even though I have no idea how or where I’ll wear it. The colour paired with Rihanna’s colouring looks amazing.

The hair and makeup is simple – bright hair and a bright lip. When you’re that flawless, that’s all you need, and if you notice, Rihanna’s signature claws are still there though I wonder why she even bothers with them. However, they are now on the cover of Vogue which means that every fashionista from here to the coast will have them as fast as she can get an appointment with her nail technician.

Me? I like the longer nails and I’ve been trying to grow mine, but I refuse to go the fake nails route.

Okay, okay, here are the pictures.

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  1. Lily says:

    She’s so stunning!

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