Rihanna on Elle Russia

Who would think that a dark bronze smoky eye would go so well with a red lip and a leopard-printed trench?

Of course, only Rihanna can pull it off, and Elle Russia shows itself to be so much more interesting than American Elle.

Rihanna looks hot here instead of just plain scary which is how she ends up looking on some American covers.  She’s on the cover of Seventeen this August, and somehow, I’m not won over by the smile and the bright clothing.  Elle’s Rihanna – that I can take.

Which cover do you like better?

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2 Responses to Rihanna on Elle Russia

  1. elle’s rihanna is the “true rihanna” :p

  2. Kathy says:

    The Seventeen cover is meant to be tame….Moms will buy it for their daughters. That Russian Elle is fierce and if that shot was on Seventeen Moms would find it way to sexy.

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