Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush Review

I’m sorry but rubbing self-tan lotions into your skin is so 2008. Who needs the orange palms, trying to get the tops of your hands without using your palms (is that even possible?) and wondering whether the moisturizing is going to interfere with the tanning. And, oh yeah, wouldn’t it be great if these things could work faster? Because I have somewhere to be and it would be great to be tan… now.

No worries, because these days spray tan formulas are the way to go, and no, you don’t need to book a salon appointment and strip down in front of a stranger to be tanner than Jennifer Lopez.

All you need is a can.

Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbush is what I’m using. It’s a super fine tinted oil free mist. That’s right, tinted. Tinted a soft brown with a touch of red so it looks like you really were just in the sun for an hour. So after the spraying, you’re good to go to that party, or brunch looking amazingly healthy and tan.

The spray bottle makes it easy to get every area – even those that you can’t reach with your hands that well. And it works upside down too so you don’t need to worry about the spray stopping. Just use it in your shower cubicle so avoid making a mess, because, like I said, this formula is tinted.

And it dries super quick too, did I mention that? Spray it on, blend it in with a sponge so you can be sure you didn’t miss an area, and by the time you finish applying it on your face and neck (with another sponge) you’re ready to get dressed. It’s really that quick.

The self-tan ingredients continue to work once the spray’s on. You’ll see a glow after an hour, but leave it in for a few to get your money’s worth.

The only danger? Applying too much will make it sticky, so just a light spritz is all you need.

$49 at Murale. One can should give you at least 2 full body applications. Available in only 1 shade but it works on even the most tan skin. If you want it darker, apply it daily, but for lighter skins, 1 application will likely be all you need.

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