Roger and Gallet Beauty Vinegar

I’ve had a bit of dry skin lately, so I’ve added Roger and Gallet’s Le Soin Aura Mirabilis Beauty Vinegar to my skincare routine.  This is a moisturizing toner that I use in the morning and the night after I cleanse my skin.  You can see that it’s bi-phase.  This beauty vinegar is made up of 18 extracts, and some of them are oils, so they separate from the ones that are watery

Here’s me shaking up the bottle. You give it a shake to mix the water and the oils.

Once the two parts are emulsified, you pour on to a cotton pad and wipe all over your face.  It’s easy to do and the first time I did it, I saw a lot of makeup residue come off my neck.  I hadn’t realized that my cleansing wasn’t what I thought it was.

The Beauty Vinegar smells absolutely amazing, and it’s a scent that I can smell for up to an hour after I use this. Because it’s not stripping at all, I find that my skin is so comfortable after using this beauty vinegar.

The line launched at Sephora in 2017 but isn’t available there anymore, so you’ll have to find it on a site that ships from the UK.

You can read my original review of the whole Aura Mirabilis line here.

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