Saijojo: Eco Hair Care by a Canadian Stylist

Good for you, even better for the earth, Saijojo is a truly green line of hair care products. Biodegradable, synthetic and petrochemical-free, this professional line gives you healthy, shiny hair with no perilous impact on the environment.

Created by Mario Verrilli, owner of Onaré salon and stylist for Canadian Daria Werbowy, Saijojo nourishes hair with all-natural and organic ingredients including camellia seed oil, flaxseed oil, vitamins B and E and essential oils.

Saijojo product range includes 6 fabulous products:

Daily Goodness Shampoo
Daily Goodness Conditioner
Calm Smoothing Balm
Calm Smoothing Styling Glaze
Uplifting Styling Foam
Uplifting Styling Spray

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One Response to Saijojo: Eco Hair Care by a Canadian Stylist

  1. omar July 11, 2009 at 12:18 pm #

    I tried the shampoo and condition only once and it left my hair nice, moist and light and my scalp clean. Considering the heavy feel of the conditioner. The shine gave it a healthy look!

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