Sally Hansen 18 Hour Cracked Heel Cream Review

Reason #572 to love babies: they have the cutest, softest little feet ever. Probably because they’re not standing on them all the time, or trying to cram them into 5-inch stilettos. Adult feet, with their corns, calluses and cracks are pretty much the grossest thing ever, aren’t they?

The cure: Sally Hanson 18 Hour Cracked Heel Cream.

18 Hour Cracked Heel Cream has grape seed oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil, as well as vitamins A, E, and C, which all sound like pretty standard cream ingredients.

Crazily enough though, after using this for a week, my feet were noticeably softer and smoother, with fewer dry and peeling patches.  It also absorbs relatively quickly for such a thick cream.

I’m an eternal pessimist; I think that everything is bad until proven otherwise. I sort of used to think foot creams were hokey, because why not just get a body butter or hand cream? NOW I know why.

Use this for a week, and your feet will most absolutely be softer and less cracked.

Also, try it on your hands. Mine were cracking like crazy, to the point where LOOKING at paper was giving me paper cuts. A little bit of 18 hour cracked heel cream and voila! The little peeling sections, cracks and dryness were gone after a few nights of use.

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