Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Swatch

New this fall is a Crackle Overcoat nail polish by Sally Hansen!  The polish works just like other crackle or cracking polishes.  You put a layer on top of an existing polish, and as it dries, the polish cracks by itself.

The plus points of this polish is that it comes in lots of different colours, and because it’s going to be available at the drugstore, it’ll be sold on a mass level and should be relatively easy to find.  I know this year, I had friends calling around to different nail salons to buy the OPI version and more often than not, they came up empty handed.

However, because so many people will have the polish now, it also means that it’ll probably go out of style by December.

Here’s a swatch of my Crackle Overcoat manicure.  I used Dior Safari Beige as a base, and put the Crackle in Vintage Violet on top.  If I went over the polish too much, it didn’t crackle as much, and you can see that in the picture.  Where the polish is thicker, there’s just one huge crack.  A thin coat applied quickly works best in this case.

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  1. Mare says:

    I have a few of these, and I’ve found that it globs up and dries out very very quickly, making it next to impossible to use. I’ll spend the extra $ on the Texture Polish from Nicole by OPI.

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