Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour Swatches and Review

If you want to do nail art but are apprehensive about your abilities with nail polish, then Sally Hansen’s new Magnetic Nail colour is for you. The polish comes in 8 shimmery shades, and after applying a base coat, hover the accompanying magnet over the polish while it’s still wet. The iron fillings in the formula rearrange themselves giving you a holographic design on your nails. The polish wears like normal nail polish in every other way.

The two colours I tried were Electric Emerald, and Golden Conduct.

Below is Golden Conduct. The colour is more of a bronze.

You can see what happened on my index finger. That was the effect when I used just one coat of nail polish. When I used two coats, the wavy magnetic design became more pronounced. On my pinky there’s no design because I waited too long to use the magnet. The polish works best when you use the magnet right after you apply your nail polish. Obviously, the iron has an easier time moving around while the polish is still fluid.

Electric Emerald is a shimmery forest green, and the shimmer in it does make it seem like more of an emerald.

There are 8 colours in all, and you can find them for $9 at drugstores.

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3 Responses to Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour Swatches and Review

  1. Hi Henna,
    Incredible idea… I suppose depending on which side of the nail you hold the magnet on, the direction of the design would change. Who would have thought? 🙂

  2. Jill Olsheskie says:

    Just some info for your team. 1. the instructions on the back of the bottle is to small I cann’t read it. This is why I came to this website hoping for instructions on how to apply the magnetic nail colour. I purchased my first bottle today at shoppers drugmart and was way over priced at 10:99, then I purchaced 2 more bottles at Walmart for 8 dollars a good deal.

  3. Brandy says:

    I tried the Kinetic Copper colour and found that it didn’t work well for my nails which are long and arched (not flat), so the magnet was too short and only covered half my nail, and then only on the top and not the sides (due to curvature).
    I think this polish would work best on nails that are flatter and shorter than the magnet.
    I also didn’t like the tiny handle on the brush (the magnet lid comes off) and the brush itself was small.
    I much prefer their fat and flat Insta-Dry nail polish brushes.

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