Salma Hayek on In Style’s June Cover

Um, I’m going to take a pass on June’s In Style magazine because of the cover featuring Salma Hayek. If this was a lame attempt at getting attention, well, it sort of worked, I guess, but it’s not the attention you want!

I am so not loving the hair on the front of this cover. The short curly hair just isn’t going it for me – it looks almost unruly and difficult to manage.

The other thing is that I’m really not loving the expression on Salma’s face. You’re on the cover of a magazine – could you not muster a smile for the American people? What is this teeth baring business?

And what is with all the purple?

If there’s one thing that I like about this cover, it’s all the gold jewelry but that is it.

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1 Response to Salma Hayek on In Style’s June Cover

  1. Yazmet says:

    I just love Salma, in my opinion with her, anything goes, sorry.

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