Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hairtherapy Sun Protect Shampoo Review

Having just spent two weeks in Mexico, I came back with hair that was the texture of straw. Not that I don’t know better, mind you, but as it was fairly overcast there about half the time I was there, I decided to skip sunscreen and hair protecting hats with the truly unfabulous outcome of burnt, flaking shoulders and coarse, dry hair.  Like I said, I knew better!

A really, super alluring product when I came home: Bonacure Hairtherapy Sun Protect Hair & Body Shampoo for sun-stressed hair.

The shampoo has the consistency of  body milk, and promises to gently moisturize hair and scalp while gently removing chlorine, salt and mineral residue while protecting hair with a UV filter. While this was a product I probably could have used while I was on vacation to avoid the crinkly hair, it’s awesome as a restorative product as well.

The difference is noticeable literally right after you lather it; my hair was much softer and easier to manage with one shampoo, noticeably more silky after two.

It also claims to help rebuild damaged hair with Amino Cell Technology, but honestly with that one I think you’d be better off with an amino acid conditioner. When all is said and done, this is still a shampoo that gets rinsed out pretty much right after you apply it, which doesn’t give it enough time to do all that repairing jazz.

That said, did it turn the straw stuck to my head back into real hair? Absolutely. I would recommend this to anyone who is spending any time out in the sun, along with advice to use the sunscreen and the UV filtering shampoo and spray before everything gets fried to a crisp.

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