Scott Barnes Chic Palette

Are you familiar with Scott Barnes? No? He was Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist and the one who came up with her glowy yet ultra-nude look. He finally ended up creating a makeup line that featured colours for every skin-tone and nude glosses and lipsticks that worked on all women.

I have his Chic Palette. The palette contains 3 different blushes in a variety of finishes. The lightest colour has shimmer in it and is best used for highlighting. The middle colour is the brightest and can be used for contouring or for adding a pop of colour on the apple of the cheek. The medium colour is only slightly shimmery and is great if you’re looking for a more subtle blush colour.

My palette is in Posh which is a pink bordering on peachy.The blushes are not overly powdery which means that you only get as much blush as you need. It also means that it’s so easy to layer your colours instead of ending up with too much. I like the palette a lot and am even thinking of getting one in another colour. Most days, I find myself using the medium colour and I like that if I wanted to highlight or add more colour, I can do so with products that I know are in the same colour family.

Suddenly putting blush on is so much easier!

But then I took out my Bobbi Brown Apricot blush and realized that it is almost the same colour as the brightest shade in the Posh Chic Palette! Take a look at the pictures below. I’ve placed the two blushes side by side.

Overall, both blushes are good, but I like having the three colours in one easy to carry palette. The Chic Palette also has a mirror in it and the packaging is pretty lux. I’ll let you know when and if I get another one.

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