Self-Care with Avene

A good night for me always includes a time when I can get some self-care in.  Self-care can mean going out, but if I’m staying in then I want a good body scrub and oil, and right now these two from Avene are it.

A good body skincare oil is a must-have in the winter time.  I apply it directly after showering and then once it’s mostly absorbed I add a thicker body lotion or cream on top to really seal everything in.

The Avene Body Skin Care Oil ($30) has Safflower Oil, Camelina Oil, and shea butter in it, and those are the same ingredients that are in the Gentle Scrub ($25). I love the scrub because not only is it gentle, but the beads are made from wax so they either dissolve while you’re scrubbing with them or they will eventually dissolve in the water.  Scrubbing and moisturizing are a sure way to make me feel like I’ve taken care of myself.

Available at drugstores and pharmacies.

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