Selma Blair at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Selma Blair is always ahead of the trend – she was one of the first to be wearing black nail polish back in the day, and when I saw this picture of her, I knew what the next trend would be: the smoky eyeshadow all the way to the brow bone. It’s not that everyone will be wearing this to work – but expect to invest in a good pencil that can be smudged easily and then stays put.

I’ve been through a lot of black eyeliners and smoky eyeshadows, and if you want a one stop shop for all things smoky, you have to check out Canadian brand Noir Cosmetics. They have black eye pencils of all sorts, a couple of choices for black eyeliner, and best of all, they have a great eyeshadow kit that can give you a great smoky eye. Their Jewel Box Eyeshadow kit has a shimmery golden shadow that is great as a base or for highlighting, a nice medium grey for blending, and a sparkly black shadow. I like dipping an eyeliner brush into the shadow and putting it on top of my eyeliner to make it stay longer.

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