Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist Review

It’s interesting that the first tanning product I tried this year has a sister product that’s pretty muched turned me off of tanning all together. I was pretty impressed by Seven Nyne.  It seemed to have so much more than celebrity backing, and it was a line that I could really get behind.

And then I tried Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist.  The tanning mist is a dark brown colour so it got absolutely everywhere in my tub, and because it dries so quickly it was a major pain to clean up.  All the work would have been worth it if this at least gave me a nice tan.

Instead, I ended up a streaky blotchy mess, and I couldn’t wait to scrub this off.

The spraying mechanism in the bottle is pretty cheap and I found that it was really difficult to get a nice even spray of product.  Even when I did what the back of the bottle asked, and moved the spray in large continuous circles, I found that I couldn’t get the bottle to give me a nice even coat of the tanning solution.  At the end of it all, the product dried in splotches and that’s how my tan turned out too.

I also found that the tanning mist did not look natural at all in colour.  When I had the dried mist on me, it was so splotchy that I looked dirty and had to wash it off.  The final colour that developed was super orange, and looked fake right from the get-go.

I used the mist once and then threw the rest of the product in the garbage.  I hardly ever have to do that, but this was so bad that I didn’t even want to pass it on to someone else to use.

Sevin Nyne is available at Sephora.  I would pass on the mist and go for the lotion.  Better yet, go to the drugstore and get yourself the L’Oreal Pro-Perfect Self-Tanning Mist, which is beyond amazing and worth every penny.

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