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Sharon Bolton is a Canadian living in Santa Barbara, California (lucky duck) and has a line of coordinated body care products that come in difference scents. I tried the line of products in the scent called Luv and let me tell you that I could not stop smelling myself afterwards.

But first, a little bit about the products.

Sharon Bolton Scents has products that come in three scents – Truth, Soul, and Luv.

Truth is a fresh citrusy scent – sort of a floral lemonade if that makes any sense. It doesn’t smell like any other citrus that I’ve smelled before and it’s a nice warm citrus without being too “regular”.

Soul is a fruity coconutty scent. Try this if you like foodie scents – it’s a little sweet because of the pineapple and papaya, but the coconut is softened by the musk. It reminds me of a Pina Colada without actually smelling exactly like one.

Luv is my favorite. It’s a wonderfully clean floral – on me it smells like Jasmine but softened with a hint of vanilla. If you like Jasmine scented things, you’ll love this scent. Apparently, Patti LaBelle loves it too!

Each scent comes in a perfume oil, a body wash, and a body cream so that you can layer the fragrance, but the best part is that each product smells amazing on its own. The body wash is creamy and rich and lightly scents your skin. The body lotion smells a little stronger yet is an amazing moisturizer, and the perfume oil just lasts and lasts. The perfume oil bottle is a roll-on so it’s very easy to apply and doesn’t drip all over the place. This fragrance lasted on me all day. The smell was on my wrists even after I applied hand cream throughout the day, and I could smell it even after an intense workout. That is quite a feat!

All in all, a great line of products – check out the full range at (Yes, of course, she ships to Canada!)

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