Should I Get a Facial?

Facials require not only a commitment of funds but also of time, and so a lot of people are wary of getting them before they sign away 3 hours of their afternoon. Should you get a facial?

The short answer: it depends.

Personally, I agree with many of you in that it’s hard to relax for a whole afternoon and just get a facial when there is so much else to do in one’s day. I would rather get a half-hour quicky massage and do more in my afternoon. I would rather go to the gym for 2 hours than sit in a facialist’s chair. But hey, that’s just me.

The truth is that facials can be good but only if you can commit to getting them on a regular basis. They can definitely alleviate severe dryness and can be quite relaxing. I once had a facial so great, that I felt asleep in the chair!

Furthermore, if you have a lot of blocked pores, a facialist can help clear those for you.

I would say that the best thing about getting a facial is that you’re seeing a skincare expert on a regular basis and so they can make sure that you’re taking care of your skin and using the right products for your skin conditions. If you have ongoing skin problems, a facialist can be a huge help for you. I love Dermalogica facials.

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2 Responses to Should I Get a Facial?

  1. Kathy says:

    I have two gift certificates for facials that I’ve had for over a year that I haven’t used. Now I would have to get a Covid test before going in for that personal care service so haven’t gotten around to doing that either obviously. Not sure why they were given to me as a gift by this person but they were so I should eventually use them

  2. Henna says:

    OMG Kathy! I can’t believe they’re making you get a Covid test – I think here, you just have to fill out a questionnaire. But it’s pretty easy to get Covid tested here – I just got it done this weekend and it took a few minutes and then I was on my way. I say get the test, and then go get your facial. It’s a good time to pamper yourself. I’m getting one in August.

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