Shu Uemura Pure:Nu Cleansing Oil Gel Review

There has been much mention of cleansing oils around these parts, and it’s because both Wynzie and I love the thorough clean that the cleansing oils provide. If you have had problematic skin in the past, an oil may be your answer to a clear future. They emulsify all impurities so that they can be washed away. I have oily skin, so I follow up with a foaming cleanser, but if you have dry skin, just the oil will leave your skin squeaky clean as it is meant to be washed away with water.

Shu Uemura is the creator of cleansing oils, and this spring, they are reinventing the product into a gel. You use the gel the same way that you would an oil – it is an oily product that melts makeup on contact and then washes away clean.

Now, there’s the cleansing oil in a gel formula, called Pure:Nu Oil-in-Gel. It is a very thick product and the texture of it really reminds me of a hair gel. It was not as easy to spread on my face as a cleansing oil is, so I did prefer to wet my hands a little before using it and then it went on just great.

I like that you need less product to get your face clean, but the product also comes in a smaller bottle so I’m not sure how much of a savings there really is.

Overall, I like the gel better than the oil. It’s thickness just means that it’s easier to work with and you don’t drip any excess oil down the sink because you’re only using as much as you really need.

Pick this up at the Shu Uemura counter, sold in Canada at Holt Renfrew.

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2 Responses to Shu Uemura Pure:Nu Cleansing Oil Gel Review

  1. Wynzie says:

    Wow!! I need to try that. I wonder how it compares to Lancome’s Creme Douceur?

  2. evo says:

    i need to try this! do you know how much it is?

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