Sisley Eau de Campagne Candle

Fragrance lovers need to listen up.  Sisley has come out with a special edition candle for the holidays!  Their new candle is called Eau de Campagne and smells like a tree is growing in your house.  It’s a mix of wild herbs, lemon, and green leaves, and trust me when I say that it smells really strong yet beautifully fresh.

The candle comes in a pretty black case, and is a dynamic scent for the holidays.

The candle is 130 grams and burns for 30 hours.

Get it at your local Sisley counter.

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3 Responses to Sisley Eau de Campagne Candle

  1. I always associate the holidays with warm, rich scents like cinnamon or vanila… a fresh tree scent though? Never thought of that… but if you’re gonna bring a whole tree in your house to decorate, it only makes sense! lol

  2. AnnieA says:

    How much is it? Sisley is not cheap…

  3. Henna says:

    Totally agree with you Christina, it’s the fresh tree smell that they’re going for.

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