Skin Ready for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is our very favourite time of the year, despite the crazy weather that comes with it. We love attending parties and get-togethers, the delicious food, and getting to know our co-workers and neighbours a bit better.

But you see, there’s this thing that happens with our skin when we’re very excited – we find that it gets a little oilier than it should be and that’s exactly what we don’t want around holiday time.

Thankfully, there’s Korres’ Pomegranate line to help save the day. Their Pomegranate Toner ($26) and Mattifying Treatment ($49) are made specifically for oily skin. Both contain mattifiers to help absorb excess oil and keep skin nice and matte. The best part is that not only will you see a difference on the first day you use it, but as you keep using it, your skin will just get better and better thanks to the calming witch hazel in both formulations.

I found that using both products helped my foundation stay on longer, and my skin looked poreless for longer than it usually would have. I’m not usually a stickler for using natural products, but this stuff really works, and the rice starch in the mattifying treatment worked better on my skin that silicone usually does.

Pick both up at Sephora.

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2 Responses to Skin Ready for Holiday Parties

  1. Maz December 5, 2012 at 3:37 am #

    This is an awesome product.. Used it, Liked it, Recommended.. !!

  2. Kathy Smith-Woodcock December 5, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    Hi I wasnt sure where to post as this is about a product you discussed in October, would you have seen it had I posted there? I received the loose button advent calendar right on the first day of December. It is quite incredible with al the high end products. I do subscribe to several subscription boxes but most people always seem to want more makeup, I actually like skincare as I have enough makeup anyway. I really like good skin care which is expensive and hate to purchase something at a high price and not be really impressed. A lot of it is the ame and packaging which contribute to the overall experience. I will say though that I find Neostrata to be a real performer. I think its different in Canada. Their night serum sells for $84 and eye $47 so they arent cheap either. They do have promotions so thats always good and they go on sale. Anyway to look at the packaging it doesnt seem like a luxury brand and most people even get it confused with Neutrogena NOT the same at all. I beliee the $ goes in the product as results tell the story. I recently had a couple o Lancome products as a gift and they were heavy glass jars, the luxury feeling was there. I cant say they performed as well as Neostrata. There likely are better but when I say higher end Im referring to under $100 per product, in that case I think they are tops. Clarins also makes some good products I love the facial oil and the complexion products in Vital Light brand. I dont want to take it any further as I know it will creep up. I was a long time Aveda user and switched due to finances, except I use only their hair products. The thing with Shoppers is the points program. Currently I have over $400 to spend and a lot of this was accumulated by buying necessities at the right time, cant feel guilty then, after all you didnt pay for it.
    Anyway the point I wanted to make…. I am loving the calendar for the skincare, I have to look it up online and learn as I go. love it. Thanks self!! Anyone else get one, what are your thoughts

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