Smith Farms Natural Skincare

Smith Farms Hand CreamConsidering that I’m the type of person who’s really into beauty products, maybe I’m a little backwards sometimes.  I mean, I’m really mindful about what I eat – what I put into my body – no soda, try to cut out the salt and sugar, eat healthy as much as possible, but when it comes to skincare, I will use anything and everything in the hopes of finding something that really works and works well.  I’m always on to the next, and trying to find the next best thing.

I will say, however, that over the last year, I’ve become more inclined to use natural-based lotions because I’ve found that they really do moisturize better. Fresh, Philosophy and L’Occitane are among my favourites, and now I’ve discovered Smith Farms.  The products are all natural and have a high percentage of organic ingredients which is kind of major.

You need to try their Vitamin Rich Hand Cream ($18): 74% organic and all natural ingredients including sunflower oil means that this cream packs a punch for dry winter skin.  Add Aloe Vera to the mix and you’ve got a hand cream that’s as soothing as it is moisturizing.  The cream has a light, almost gel-like consistency that sinks into hands and leaves them really moisturized.

What I love the most is how luxurious the products feel –  we’re a sucker for clean simple packaging that lets you focus on the product.

Check out their website for their full range of amazingly natural and moisturizing collection.

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