So Wrong: Eva Longoria at MTV Europe Music Awards

Eva Longoria usually looks flawless and sticks to one major look that she does so well.  Bronzy skin, lots of lashes and neutral lip and cheek colour.

Why then, she felt the need to look like this at the MTV Europe Music Awards is totally beyond me.  I feel as if she’s almost trying to channel Kim Kardashian – fake eyelashes, a smoky eye, and nude lip.  But the entire look is just completely wrong.  The lip colour is way too light, and the lashes are too obviously fake so that they don’t even look good.

The dress proves that she’s trying to be edgy, but it just doesn’t work.

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3 Responses to So Wrong: Eva Longoria at MTV Europe Music Awards

  1. Oh dear! lol What happend to Eva???

  2. Emily says:

    Not beauty related but perhaps they should have used the excess fabric on the ground to complete her dress. It looks like Wilma gone wild.

  3. Brendon says:

    I totally feel like she is just trying to replicate Kim kardashian over all with the outfits she wore that night at the emas. I don’t think she’s attractive at all. She looks downright unattractive with and without makeup.

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