Soft Lips For a Cause

Each year, The Body Shop releases their Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, the proceeds of which go towards supporting a charity. This year, the company has decided to support the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fy Societies (Human Rights), the Canadian Parks and wilderness Society (environmental protection) and the Humane Society of Canada (animal welfare).

When you purchase a Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, you get to decide which cause you’d like to support. The lip butter is just $6… and let’s face it, you were probably going to get a new lip moisturizer for the fall anyway, so may as well make it this one.

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  1. i have body shop’s coconut lip balm.. and i am using it for years… i hope i am addicted to it.. i can’t change the flavor.. every time i visit the shop to buy some new lip balm.. i get sooo lost in the coconut flavor, then i end up bringing it back home.. lol.. what to do?

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