Urban Decay Grind House Sharpener

Why is it that I don’t mind shilling out for the any high-end hair treatment but when it comes to the basic things, I don’t really care for them as much?

Case in point: my eyeliner sharpener. I think I bought a cheap one from Shoppers Drug Mart 10 years ago and kept using it even though it was terrible. It kept breaking the pencils (which are really soft) and so I would run out of eyeliner so quickly. And even though I realized that it wasn’t very good, I kept using it.

I finally bought a new sharpener today. It is Urban Decay’s Grind House and I went for it because it has the slot for a thicker eyeliner if that needs sharpening. I have a few chubby gloss sticks so I thought it would be prudent to have that liner.

The sharpener is pretty good – it does the job although it doesn’t give me a super-fine point. I’m happy with it and my pencils are now all in great condition (I went through my makeup collection and sharpened all my eye pencils!). I got it for $13.50 at Sephora.

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3 Responses to Urban Decay Grind House Sharpener

  1. Aurora says:

    OMG! I totally agree! I had this regular pencil sharpener sharpening my GOSH velvet touch, and I wasted so much of my eye liners. I hated that, so I am going towards all “let’s twist” now. But after started using CoverGirl Sharpener, my eyeliners are way better shaped and they never break again! Woohoo.

    Go professional!

  2. Fay.H. says:

    Not to mention its very pretty too (^_^)

  3. Henna says:

    It’s so pretty!

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