Sothy’s Summer 2018 Collection

A light grey eyeliner, bronzer, and an orangy-red lip makes for a simple summer statement.  You don’t even need the focus to be on the skin, which is perfect for the summer, when the humidity and high temperatures mean that it’s difficult to maintain a base anyway.

That must have been the thought behind Sothy’s summer collection for 2018.  

The Calligraphy eyeliner is a keeper – a dark grey that makes the perfect cat eye without even any practice.  The grey colour keeps it simple without adding too much drama, and with an eyelid primer, the colours lasts and lasts.  

The lipstick is a Mat Velvet formula – it wears just like it sounds.  It’s completely matte but velvety not dry, so it goes on your lips smoothly and then just stays put, even leaving behind a hint of a stain as it wears.  It’s not a budge-proof lipstick but the stain means that you can wear it though a meal without it needing to be touched up.

The colour is 330 – Orange Escapade Velours.  Although it’s not red and so it feels a bit less formal, it’s still a bright colour that adds tons of punch to your look.  It actually goes perfectly with the grey eyeliner.

You can get this collection wherever Sothys products are sold – click here to find a salon near you.

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