Spaweek 2010: Spa Experience at Elmwood Spa

Spa Week this year took place from April 12 to 18th, and there were some fantastic deals offered in cities all over the U.S. and Canada. Spa Week’s founding mission is to make the spa lifestyle accessible to everyone by providing some great deals and specials.

I checked out the Elmwood Spa in Toronto. The spa is in a beautiful historic building in Toronto, and features a luxurious 4 floors of service. The main feature of this spa is their water therapy – there’s a pool, whirlpools, and steam rooms that can revive and relax you. There’s a good reason for their tagline to be “Canada’s Urban Oasis” – this really is a beautiful retreat located in the heart of Toronto.

I received a Li’Tya Binhumarri body treatment at the spa. The treatment is basically a full body scrub with Australian desert salts and essential oils. Following the treatment is a warm steam shower, and then a Miji Kodo Massage using powerful esential oils. You emerge feeling totally revived and with the softest skin ever. The treatment is relaxing and rejuvinating for the body and the mind!

After receiving the treatment, I was treated to a spa lunch at the terrace restaurant at the spa. I totally expected to get a lunch of a salad and other spa-like food and counted on getting a hotdog on my way home, but actually the prix fix menu had some very filling options – and I chose to have the delicious steak frites for lunch. The service was impeccable, and the food was amazing.

I ended up spending the whole day at Elmwood spa and left with a sense of revival that I hadn’t experienced in years. The spa was a total retreat from anything I usually do and I really did have a great time.

You can book your own Spa Week treatment from their website – there are tons of treatments available that would usually cost hundreds of dollars and are now only $50!

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