Spring 2010: Estee Lauder Color Collection, Wild Violet

This spring, Estee Lauder’s collection is called Wild Violet. The collection is a mixture of greys and pinks, and I am loving the eyeshadow palette in Wild Violet ($48) which includes some neutral golds and bronzes, but also a couple of nice greys and purples. This is a compact that I can literally take from day to night. I also love neutrals paired with pops of colour.

The eyeshadow palette is genius because it mixes neutrals with a pop of colour.  I love that you don’t just get golds – the palette has a cream, a grey, a gold, and a bronze so there’s lots to play with just within the neutrals themselves.

The nail polish is also a grey called Wild Storm ($25).

There is also a perfume as part of this collection, called Wild Elixer ($68 for 50 mL). The notes are: Genet Flower, Mandarin, Purple Freesia, Blue Jasmine and Wild Gardenia, and Amberwood.

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  1. Yay! I can’t wait to try this. Purples are SO great for bringing the brilliance out of brown eyes.

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