Stemm Hair Density Stimuli

Deciem is one of the most interesting and forward-thinking companies out there.  They’re the people behind Ordinary skincare company, where you can get a retinol for less than $20 (yes, it works too), and behind Hand Chemistry which gives you products that truly take care of your hands. 

Stemm is a line of products by Deciem that’s meant to help your hair be more dense, and the star product in their lineup is their Density Stimuli which is a serum that promises to make hair look thicker, denser, fuller, and healthier. 

I’ve been using the serum for a few months, and am down to the last few drops.  I put it on my scalp at night – the pointed dropper means that I can feel the cool serum touching my scalp – and then rub it in with my finger tips.  It’s light and watery so it doesn’t make my hair greasy, and it dries pretty quickly.  I can’t say that I notice thicker and fuller hair immediately, but I will say that my hair has grown much faster since I started using it, and since I was dealing with post-partum hair loss, that’s the result that I wanted. 

The formula is silicone and alcohol free, and truly provides nutrition for your hair so that it can grow better. It contains biotin, peptides, caffeine, and amino acids, all of which have been proven to help hair grow.  The serum is easy to use and because it works, I keep using it. 

$43 available online.

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