Streaky, patchy Self-Tanner? Here’s what to do:

best body scrubsSelf-tanners work best on top of smooth skin, so exfoliating before applying is very important. For the tan to continue looking great, it’s also important to exfoliate a couple of days after application so that the skin sloughs off evenly and the tan continues to look smooth.

St. Tropez recommends their own Tan Enhancing Body Polish ($18) which is made with round plastic beads so that you get a smooth even exfoliation, but we found that it wasn’t strong enough for really dry skin, and really, any body scrub will do a great job provided you use it thoroughly and regularly.

I really love the body scrubs by Soap and Glory. Scrub of Your Life ($16) is an amazing body polisher that will not only get rid of excess self-tanner but will also leave your skin super smooth for the next application. Follow Soap and Glory’s instructions: get wet in the shower, turn off the water, and then apply the scrub from head to toe, taking your time really scrubbing. Then rinse off. You’ll find that you’re able to really get a nice scrub without wasting any product down the drain.

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  1. Lancy August 26, 2014 at 4:25 am #

    This sounds like a very interesting product. I love shower scrubs!

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