3 Ways to Experience Summer Shower Therapy

The most efficient and effective way to refresh oneself in the summer is by taking a nice soothing shower. All of a sudden, you forget about the heat and can literally go into your own world. Here are some products that can help you get to that level of bliss:

1. Yves Rocher Mango-Passion Fruit Smoothing Shower Cream.
I have a thing for tropical fruits, and that thing becomes even stronger in the summer when mango gelato seems to be at every turn. And now there’s Yves Rocher’s Mango-Pasion Fruit Smoothie Shower Cream to help me satisfy my cravings without the calories.  This shower cream is rich and thick, and smells exactly like a fresh mango.Pick it up from YvesRocher.com for $7.20.

2. Ole Henriksen Loofah Body Scrub. ($28) I love that Ole Henriksen makes products that are therapeutic, and this body scrub is a great example. It’s the best thing to use in the summer because you’re going to want to exfoliate your skin anyway, and you may as well do it with a scrub that’s made with mentholated jojoba beads. This made me shiver after using it, so it’ll work at cooling anyone down! Pick it up at OleHenriksen.com.

3. Olay Soothing Cucumber Moisturizing Body Wash. ($6.99) My favourite body wash now comes in a new scent and ribbons of Avocado Oil. This body wash is a staple in my bathroom because it actually hydrates as it cleans since it has so much moisturizer incorporated in it! If it’s too hot to apply lotion after you shower, use this in the shower instead!

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