Summer Skincare Routine Video

I added some new things to my skincare routine. I didn’t revamp the whole routine because it was going fine, but I definitely have added some things that are really working for my skin and I thought I would share them with you guys.

I’m trying the Differin Cream instead of the gel and I think that it’s great. It’s moisturizing instead of drying but it still works. I’m using it about 3-4 times a week. This is prescription-only so ask your doctor about that.

Also using Neostrata Correct lotion at night on the nights that I’m not using the Differin, and it’s also great. Loving it.

Sometimes I throw in the A313 pomade and it would be great for dry skin. You can only get it on Amazon because it’s from Europe. Here’s the link for that: A313. I went on to Amazon to get this link and my history told me that I first bought this in 2018! I can’t believe that I bought it so long ago and I’m still liking it! My most recent tube, I bought when I was actually in France and they had to go into the back room to get it.

Also, used Deciem 23% Vitamin C Suspension and it’s crazy tingling at first, and then your skin calms down and it’s fine.

Ren Skincare Overnight Glow Mask is amazing! Phyto-glygogen and Algae do a great job at brightening your skin.

Sunscreen right now is Avene Tinted Mineral Fluid.

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