Suncare… an Introduction

Once again, I’ve been looking through what you’re interested in reading about and I’ve seen an overwhelming number of requests for suncare and summer-related products! I think we’re all so sick of the winter that it’s more fun to dream about the months ahead. As I was telling a friend today: “We’re in mid-February, which means it’s almost March, which means it’s almost June!” Glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s optimistic.

And now for the only time I’ll use full caps on this blog:


There, I said it.

Yes, suntanning causes cancer, but it’s also most responsible for skin-aging. Yes, if you suntan you will look older than you really are. That means wrinkles, loss of firmness, liver spots, and discolouration. And right now there is no topical or invasive product that can reverse sun damage. None.

Want to know how bad it could be? Take a look at Rachel Zoe who admits to be a sun worshipper. She claims to be 35, and despite the fact that she probably knocked a few years off her real age and had some kind of work done too, the wrinkles on her face make her look not a day younger than 55. I still think that she’s pretty – but I don’t want wrinkles like that before my time. (Actually, I don’t want wrinkles ever.)

Of course, outdoor activities are fun and it’s impossible to really avoid the sun at all costs, but it is possible to protect yourself from sun damage and change your habits to preserve your own health and looks.

I recently learned that doctors are finding incidents of skin damage and skin cancer in younger patients. Sun damage usually takes about 20 years to show, which means that there are more teens who are abusing their skin and they’re doing it so badly that the damage is showing up more quickly.

It’s a scary thought that you could have skin cancer at the age of 35, isn’t it?

Can you imagine being that old and going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments? Because that’s what could happen if your skin cancer goes undetected, as it might since those who are young usually don’t screen for telltale signs of cancer.

I’ll be talking about good sunscreens and other sun-related products soon. Until then – weigh in on this poll. Do you suntan? Have you stopped suntanning recently? What do you think about all this? Leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate on your answer or weigh in.

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2 Responses to Suncare… an Introduction

  1. mamaluv February 20, 2008 at 10:51 am #

    I no longer tan purposefully and always use sunscreen (spf 15) for body and face. Of course, it helps that I never could tan well, so it’s not like I’m missing out – lol!

    But I don’t avoid the sun either. There’s the issue of Vitamin D deficiency (sun exposure is the best way to produce it), and I just feel rejuvenated when I’m doing yard work or just relaxing on a blanket at the park. I had a friend in high school who did everything to avoid sunlight for years and she looked pale and sickly.

    Everything in moderation, right?

  2. Henna February 20, 2008 at 4:56 pm #

    Indeed, everything in moderation. To that end, while I’ll for sure put sunscreen on when I’m out for extended periods of time, sometimes I’ll lay off if I’m just driving to the store or just out for a bit. They say that 15 minutes is plenty of sunshine for a day.

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