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Live Clean Exotic Vitality Leave inI woke up this morning to healthier shinier hair. Of course, I had washed it last night, but still, I couldn’t figure out why it looked so much better than usual. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember what I had put in it to give it that extra bounce and oomph.

And then I remembered.

I had used Live Clean Exotic Vitality Monoi Oil Leave-in Conditioner Spray ($6.99). It has all the benefits of most Live Clean products: 96% plant derived, paraben, phthalate and phosphate free, sulfate and petroleum free, and contains organic botanicals.

The leave-in spray is enriched with monoi oil, jojoba oil, and bamboo extract which is why my hair seemed so much shinier and well-nourished. I already loved the Live Clean Professional Restoring Spray (I’ve written about it here and here), but this one goes a cut above by really adding an extra layer of gloss.

Available at Walmart, Loblaws, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

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