Swatch of the Week: OPI Barefoot in Barcelona

I used this colour and I remembered why OPI is such a giant in the nail business.  It’s because they have an amazing formula and great colours!

Barefoot in Barcelona seriously blew me away, and the picture I have is the best I could take but it doesn’t do justice to the colour.  This was very close to my naturally tan skin but it does go a bit peachy which I didn’t really mind.  The colour went on so smoothly and even one coat looked really pretty on my nails.

Barefoot in Barcelona is an understated neutral that is really easy for anyone to wear.

The colour was used in the Spring 2011 Rebecca Taylor show and is on trend for the spring season.  Think soft colours that are uber-pretty yet totally under the radar.

This is also available as an Axxium colour so look for it if you get Axxium manicures!

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1 Response to Swatch of the Week: OPI Barefoot in Barcelona

  1. Michelle says:

    Lovely! Will definitely have to pick that up for my clients.

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