Swatch: OPI Inspired By the Muppets Designer, De Better!

Absolutely LOVE this colour, especially for the holidays!

Designer, De Better is a foil metallic that has a neutral beige beige and lots of pink glitter.  It is jam packed.  2 coats gave me opaque coverage, but the nails you’re looking at just have one coat of the polish, because I felt that was enough.

I tried to keep my moons neutral and without the polish but it didn’t work as a look because there’s not enough contrast here.  I am definitely going to keep on practicing this technique so that I can perfect it.  It kind of worked out that there was no contrast because from afar, the mistakes don’t show.

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1 Response to Swatch: OPI Inspired By the Muppets Designer, De Better!

  1. Reena says:

    ooohhh… I have a korean nail polish that looks just like this! 🙂 It’s a really pretty rose gold color. 🙂

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