Swatch – Wear Something Spar-Kylie from Kardashian Kolors collection

So I wasn’t in love with Kim-pletely in Love and It’s All About The Glam because I found the shades to be slightly streaky and very hard to get good coverage.

But I LOVE Wear Something Spar-Kylie!  The pictures you see are just two coats of the polish and I actually did get full glitter coverage from the very first coat!  This is a super glittery polish.  It has a pink base, and different shades of pink glitter so it’s very multi-dimensional.  I’m wearing it to a wedding.

Like all other nail polishes this sparkly, the lasting power is not great.  It chipped on the first day that I wore it which is a huge bummer.  Still, the glitter is so great that the polish is definitely a keeper.

I’ve tried some of the OPI glitter shades, and I think that this actually beats all of those.  The shimmer is just so intense.

The Kardashian Kolors collection comes out in November!

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