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A Bit About Peels!

Hi Friends! I made a little video about peels, and if you’re extra interested in skincare you might want to check it out. Peels are great for reducing acne, clearing up acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and even fine lines. At home … Continue reading

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Derma-E Acne Blemish

The most popular anti-acne products from the drugstore can be so drying on your skin that you might actually be inclined to stop using them, which means that they won’t really have time to do what they’re supposed to do.  … Continue reading

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Truly Clear Soap Bar

Sometimes you don’t know how well something has been working until you stop using it and then notice that something’s different.  That might be what happens when we feel that our hair has gotten used to a shampoo, or how … Continue reading

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What I’m Using Right Now

Skincare update! These are my favs right now and they’re making my skin more clear and more glowy than it was before. I’ve had a few breakouts so I’ve been using the @neutrogenacanada anti-acne mask everyday and it’s been working. … Continue reading

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